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COUPONGOOD Release Notes: 07/29/08

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First, thank you to everyone who submitted feedback on the last release.  We have worked hard to implement many of your suggestions.  Please keep ’em coming to 2cents[at]coupongood[dot]org.

Second, thank you to Renee Cafaro – my gracious host in NYC.  New York was really fun (and somewhat productive).

Third, a big thanks to Ashvin Kumar for the late night “phantom production bug” issues.

Browse Stores Tab:

  • As requested — we’ve added a simple alphabetical directory of all stores.
  • Yay!

Submit Coupons Tab:

  • Coupongood is a community-run site.  Since day 1, we’ve encouraged users to share coupons with the community.  Now, we’ve added a generic form to make coupon submission easier.
  • Now, you don’t have to add coupons from the individual store pages, rather you can just put the store url in the coupon form and the coupon will automatically be added to the store.
  • This comes in handy when you want to just hammer through a bunch of coupons in a row.

Share Button:

  • People have asked for easier ways to get the word out about Coupongood.  We’ve answered with the 30+ social media sharing button. Its just crammed into the ui right now, but we’ll make it fit better when we roll out the new ui in a couple weeks 🙂
  • Now, you can easily share the Coupongood with your friends whereever they might be online.

Auto-Add New Stores:

  • Coupongood has 838 stores with active coupons.  Clearly, there are WAY more than 838 ecommerce sites on the web, so we have enabled users to create new stores on the fly.
  • Now, if you search for (or submit a coupon for) a store that we don’t have, we’ll create that store on the fly.  As soon as someone shares a coupon for that store, we’ll automatically activate it.
  • Its all you — get there!

Click Tracking for Popularity:

  • Our goal is to help people save money (and the world) when they shop online.
  • With more than 5000 coupons on the site, it is becoming increasingly more important for us to sort them so you can find the best deals that haven’t expired yet.
  • We’ve put the infrastructure in place to collect this data, and when we have enough info, we’ll begin rolling out popularity sorting to the site so the best coupons/stores are on top all the time

Administrative Stuff:

  • We built some slick back-end administration functions to help us more quickly edit and approve new coupons and stores.
  • If you’re crazy about Coupongood and you want to help us moderate the quality of the content being created, email 2cents [at] coupongood[dot]org and we’ll give you a shiny new administrator account.

Bug fixes:

  • FIXED: …/stores/xyz = random 500 errors
  • FIXED: …/coupon-codes/xyz = random 500 errors
  • FIXED: allow “-” in url searches

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July 30, 2008 at 10:12 am

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