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Fires / Riots in Kampala

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Tensions between the Buganda Kingdom, Uganda’s largest and most influential tribe, and the Museveni government have been escalating as Museveni has moved to limit the power and influence of cultural leaders and kings.

With the 2011 elections just around the corner, tensions are mounting.

Yesterday, an unknown arsonist burned the historically significant Bugandan Kasubi Tombs to the ground.  The Tombs were the final resting place for the last 4 kings of Buganda, making it the most hallowed ground of the Buganda.

After the fire started, it didn’t take long before demonstrators and rioters took the streets.  That never ends well…

Most journalists are focusing on the immediate impact of 3 rioters dead and police on the streets.  Unfortunately, the real issue is that the Bugandan people will assume the government had a hand in the fire and rumors extremely powerful regardless of their validity.  Let’s hope everything calms down soon…

Read the NYTimes Story


Written by thetyson

March 18, 2010 at 7:17 am

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