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Day #4: Search for Internet

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Thanks to my new found animal friends, I woke up early again today and walked into town.

MY MISSION: Find decent internet.

My search for “high-speed” internet took me down several of the major streets in downtown Kampala.  The ads for miracle drugs were everywhere.  It was like someone just printed out a bunch of email spam and posted it on the walls.


Their targeting was uncanny...(sniffle)

Kampala, not a great place to walk around at night while drunk.  Could you imagine how many lawsuits we’d have if we tried this in the USA?

Walk at your own risk

Just a little barbed wire to protect the shrubberies, no big deal.

Ah yes.  I hear they’re putting one of these stores in downtown Houston, TX next month…

They're not going anywhere...

I asked the clerk if he had a sale on uranium or evil. He asked me to leave. I said I was just kidding. He asked me to leave. I smiled. The armed guard asked me to leave. I left.

I noticed the dominate consumer branding strategy was to use as many superlatives as possible.  Take, for instance, the automobile below.  In the US we know this to be the Toyota Previa, but Ugandans know it as…


The Super Delux 4WD Limited Town Ace

Its just interesting that populations respond differently to branding.  My Ugandan Pizza business would be called “Best, Bester, Bestest Really Good, Most Filing, Most Luxurious Pizza”.  FYI: I’ve already bought the domain — — so better luck next time. 🙂

Oh, I finally found suitable internet: The Sheraton Downtown.  Its expensive, so I’ll keep looking, but at least I could get some heavier duty things done online today.


Written by thetyson

October 11, 2008 at 8:07 am