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Day #1: Travel to Uganda

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I flew SFO to Newark to Brussels to Bujumbura (Burundi) to Entebbe (Uganda) to Kampala (by taxi).

The trip took 22+ hours, but a healthy dose of naps, work, and Uganda research made it fly by.

Concerns before departure:

  1. Missing a connection
  2. Getting lost in foreign airports
  3. Inability to adjust to 10 hour jet lag (most I’ve ever had is 3 hours)

Fortunately, all went smoothly.

Noteworthy observations:

  • The runway in Bujumboyo is extremely narrow – whew!
  • Before departing Bujumboyo, they made an announcement and came through the cabins spraying an unknown aerosol into the air.  Hmm…”I think I have the black lung”
  • On takeoff from Bujumboyo, I noticed a non-trivial forest fire burning out of control within several hundred meters of the airport. This is Africa.


The first person to greet me in Uganda was my driver, James.  He was recommended by my buddy Matt Flannery, and it was very nice to have someone there holding a sign with my name (spelled creatively as Tjysun).

Ugandans are well aware of most things going on in the US as evidenced by James’ questions en route to Kampala:

-Do you know Beyonce, Rhianna, Paris Hilton (met her once…she’s not that great), Brittany Spears…
-Who are you voting for?  He wants me to vote for Obama.
-What is going to happen to Africa if the banks keep failing in the US?  No idea, my man.

While driving fast on an unlit dirt road, I asked him distinctly different questions like:

  • Oh s*#t do you see that pedestrian?
  • Why’s that motorcycle coming right at us in our lane?
  • How many people have you hit while driving at night?

Alas, I arrived.  Time for some sleep, good luck jet lag…

My room

My room




Written by thetyson

October 8, 2008 at 1:27 pm