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Teach myself to code — WTF?

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I’m an economist at heart.  Its what I studied, its the framework I use to evaluate almost every decision I make.  I know nothing about programming – never written a line of code, never taken any classes.

I have recently decided to go ahead with the COUPONGOOD project by testing a prototype in the market and raising investment build it out.

I’ve approached couple engineering buddies about building the prototype, and they liked the concept, wanted to help, but couldn’t commit to timelines due to other obligations.

That means I’d need to either work with more expensive less trusted local engineering contacts, or completely dicey outsourced engineers from or elance.  Not great.

Engineers will never fully understand the frustration of having ideas that you cannot implement yourself.  Walking around Silicon Valley as a non-coder is like walking around Paris without knowing French.  You feel a little disoriented and awkward most of the time.

Yesterday, my good friend, Sandy, just said, “You should just code it yourself”.

Hmm, interesting… [1 minute delay] Okay.  I’ll do it — just get the prototype pages up, super basic.  Then, I’ll find someone to help me finish it.

Good luck, sir.


Written by thetyson

February 17, 2008 at 8:18 am

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